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  1. Getting a quaiffe fitted plus loads more work being done. Can't wait to get it back on the road.
  2. Thanks Alex sadly it's gonna have to wait for now as the diff disintegrated on me yesterday.
  3. Hi guys have a leaking gasket on the lower head of my v6 and gonna attempt changing it myself. I've got an original alfa gasket and all the tools I think I need plus a general idea of what to do but was wondering if anyone had any pointers or knew of any guides online that could help me out? Also I have a torque wrench but it doesn't go down as low as the 8Nm specified for the bolts. I understand the cover shouldn't be replaced too tight? Thanks in advance..
  4. Should be good for another 12 K then mate
  5. Depends what engine. 3 yrs 36,000 miles for twinspark or jts petrol. More for the V6 or diesel but don't know the figures ogg the top of my head.
  6. Would be funny if it wasn't so tragic. 5 months old! Anyways they replaced lower wishbone, top mount and drop link and it's all good now thanks again for your help til next time lol
  7. Yeah i know I know but I needed a courtesy car to get to work and they're 5 mins from my house so it's convenient. Like I said work's mental at mo and I need to drive long distance this weekend. They did tell me the drivers side upper wishbone was worn however when they rang me....
  8. Thanks Alex. Its in with Veloces of London as we speak. Hopefully they'll have it back to me tomorrow.
  9. The long single bolt surrounded by rubber which is hidden beneath the plastic cap. No buckling anywhere just the bolt is a good 5-6 mm off centre towards the engine. Top mount gone?
  10. I would post a pic but can't suss out how to..
  11. Had a look at the strut mount area today and the threaded bolt is quite a bit off centre leaning in towards the engine. Car still drives well and steering is straight. Could that point to anything specific? Can't get a day off til at least middle ofnext week and I don't wanna be driving it if it's unsafe..
  12. And waiting to tell me 'i told you so' I bet
  13. OK so bit of an update..been mad busy with work so not had much time for anything let alone getting the car booked in but I did get a mechanic from an alfa specialist to have a quick look and a drive and he seems to think the noise is caused by a dry joint somewhere. Obviously he can't narrow it down without getting underneath it but he seems sure it's not the upper wishbone bush as the noise is too high pitched and sounds more like a metal to metal squeak. He assured me it wasn't dangerous and to bring it in when I have more time. I have noticed it gets worse when turning right lately and it's definitely getting louder so I'm gonna book a day off work so I cam get it seen to asap Thanks again for your help and input peeps!
  14. OK Alex I'll get it checked out by someone independent and I'll post back here with findings. Thanks for your time and I do appreciate your help and expertise. Just wish I was closer to your neck of the woods mate. Flybo5 same goes for you. Cheers guys
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