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  1. Had this fault for a long time. So after trying every trick in the book I bought another ecu/acu. Now I've got these two faults; Not sure if I've gotten another faulty unit? Tried disconnecting battery and unit without it dissapearing. Any suggestions? Sent fra min SM-G900F via Tapatalk
  2. I've got this airbag fault code. I earlier had a fault on the contact under the passenger seat, but can't remember if the fault code was the same. This time however the contact under the passenger seat is fine. I've head there are similar contacts in the boot, can the fault be a bad connection there, or should I try something else?
  3. Thanks for the help btw! Sent fra min SM-G900F via Tapatalk
  4. Nevermind, The Quaife is in!!!
  5. Got it in two, but seems like all of the gears will need to come out to remove the diff. Still, this time the pins won't go anywhere Sent fra min SM-G900F via Tapatalk
  6. Will I need to remove the selector fork before splitting it this way? Sent fra min SM-G900F via Tapatalk
  7. I'm lost aswell. The small pins inside are all over my work bench. Guess I'll try your method on my other spare box then... Guess this is what I wasn't supposed to loose...
  8. Nevermind, managed to seperated it. If anyone wonders, the gears stay in the non-bellhousing part. Where can I buy diff bearings? Sent fra min SM-G900F via Tapatalk
  9. Hi. I'm trying to split a gearbox off a 147 2.0, but I can only get the two parts seperated by a few cm's. Does the gears stay in the bellhousing- or the other part of the gearbox and is there any tricks to separate them completely? Do I need to remove these bolts?
  10. 13 wrench to remove battery tray. Umbrako needed for removing actuator unit, needs to be flexible due to tight space. Also needs kong Umbrako for undoing bolt that goes through selector shaft Sent fra min SM-G900F via Tapatalk
  11. Ordered this; http://www.theoringstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=175_190&products_id=7812 Thanks guys! Sent fra min SM-G900F via Tapatalk
  12. Got it off eventually. Has anyone changed the o-rings before? Got a set of standard o-rings from my autodealer, but some of the ones in the actuator are a different colour (green) and seems harder and more rigid. Will my stock black o-rings fail due to high pressure although they're supposed to withstand oil/petroleum? Sent fra min SM-G900F via Tapatalk
  13. Found this picture, can soneone confirm that bolts 12 and 13 is the only onles holding the unit down besides bolt 7 going trough the selector pin?
  14. I'm doing the same, my plan is to break down the actuator unit to parts and change all tps style sensors and o-rings on all five of the actuators. Accumulator was changed recently, if not that would also be on the to-do-list
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