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  1. Think I'll stick with Paper then
  2. Are they just a waste of time and effort? Discuss.
  3. Success finally! It was the crank sensor after all. Not as hard to change as I feared. Had the car running over an hour without any problems. Thanks for all your help and advice smacky. Learned a lot and am at one with my spanners now ;-)
  4. Thanks Smaky, I'll check the MAF first as it was replaced just a few months back. Might just give it a clean with isopropyl alcohol and check for any signs of leaks in the air intake. If it comes to it, how much work is involved in replacing the crankshaft sensor? I had an error code with that come up, but only once and it's not come back since. From what I've been able to glean elsewhere it's a fiddly job and I'm not even sure where exactly it is. Somewhere 'round the back' is all I've been able to find out.
  5. No luck there either. Hydraulic pressure is consistent now between 45 and 55 and pump always kicks in but it still stalls after half an hour. MAF is showing 2kg/hr and doesn't change even if I rev it up. Can remember the air intake but it was near 200. Anyone know what the MAF rate should be under idle? 2kg/hr seems very low,
  6. Finally got round to replacing the high pressure host and replaced the pump also....but still no joy.. Only difference now is that if I leave the engine running 1/2 hour it will stop. But whereas previously the pump would not run, now it primes even whilst the fault is present. I'm pretty sure it's not the relay but might change it just in case. Had Fiat ECU scan on it today and it recorded error P1763 (Receive CAN messages) which makes me think there may be an electrical problem perhaps?
  7. Thanks for the advice. That one was ok but the one near the right hand side nearer the wing was the problem. Got the bugger off in the end - just haven't got the right tools. A flex head wrench would've made removing that much easier.
  8. Turns out there's a small leak in the high pressure pipe to the actuator. I've managed to remove the battery tray but on my 147 there's an extra bolt at the front of the pump mounting that's proving difficult to remove. Connects horizontally rather than vertically with very little room for maneuver. Once it's out I'll replace the high pressure pipe and check for other leaks. One thing I noticed was that the oil collected from the system so far is quite a bit darker than I expected so will replace that too.
  9. Re-checked today and established the following under fault conditions: 1. Relay is fine. Took pump relay and placed it in windows socket and they (the windows) worked fine 2. Pumps runs fine when connected directly to battery 3. All selespeed fuses are ok The anomaly is that it always comes back to life about 15 minutes after failing. The other thing I noticed is that the oil pressure is very low and I think it's dropping to zero when the fault occurs. Will check this tomorrow and monitor over half an hour to see what the trend is. Apart from the circuit I guess it could also be the oil pressure sensor as I periodically get error P1769 but I have no way of checking this.
  10. So after driving around for a bit today managed to re-produce the problem. Swapped relays but no luck with that either. Then tried connecting pump directly to battery. Bit tricky but once I got a connection it did spin though I probably didn't have it connected long enough as engine still did not start up. Going to hook up a couple of crimp connectors to the pump connector tomorrow so I can get a good connection to the battery to be sure about that. Interestingly when the fault it present the pump does not run *at all*. Given the relay appears to be ok and if I leave it 10 minutes or so it comes back to life I'm thinking perhaps the accumulator is at fault?
  11. I bought a crappy one from eBay before getting the Bosch so god only knows what that was The one before that was a also a pattern part and ran fine for a couple of years but I can't remember the brand. Was feeling rather chuffed with myself when the £40 eBay sensor worked initially but that didn't last long. Expensive lesson learned - crap in, crap out!
  12. Thanks for your input guys, Well as luck would have it since getting the car back home I an unable to re-produce the fault. So a bit stuck because I can't fix it, and can't driver it either! Tried driving it for a short distance around the block to warm it up as it was really hot yesterday but still no problem. Then I must have change between neutral, 1st, 2nd and reverse whilst stationary in the car park about 50 times and it works fine. I can hear the pump kick in every 3rd or 4th gear change. Being an intermittent problem I'm beginning to wonder it it's more likely to be the pump than the relay but need the darn thing to stop working again to find out. Will try driving it round the block a few times tomorrow when it's quiet to see if I can re-create the fault and report back.
  13. Hi all, My 2001 147 broke down today and it appears to be the selespeed pump as it will not prime when drivers door is opened. Left alone for a while and it seems to spring back into life but then dies again after a short drive. So having read through various posts on the issue I understand it could be one of 3 things: 1. Pump Relay 2. Accumulator 3. Pump itself Question is: Where is the selespeed pump relay located and what is it's rating? Can't find anything in owners manual, just info on a 30A fuse. Also, where are the accumulator and pump located?
  14. Yep, that was it. It went once before and I replaced it with an OEM one that worked for a couple of years but this time had to put a Bosch one in.
  15. Yep, that was it. It went once before and I replaced it with an OEM one that worked for a couple of years but this time had to put a Bosch one in.
  16. Well, you wouldn't believe it. Replaced the MAF again and everything is back to normal. Strange that something like this could cause such an extreme response from the car. Really did feel and sound like the transmission was about to give way. Let's see how it keeps going.
  17. Hi, my 2001 147 selespeed has started jerking quite violently when slowing down. It's ok on a straight run but not when nearing a standstill. After the inevitable judder it stalls and shows "Selespeed trasmission failure" and occasionally "Low oil pressure" Changed MAF as this was showing faulty but problem persists. When engine is started revs die down quickly and then it stalls/judders unless I give it some gas. Need to catch it quickly to get in gear and drive away. I've heard this could be a clutch calibration issue but as it was so sudden I'm not so sure. 3rd gear has been playing up for a while (only shifts into it when cold, thereafter it avoids it and goes straight to 4th after a bit of a delay). Oh, and occaionally 5th gear indicator flashes on the motorway I love it but I think my sele is finally dying Any thoughts?
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