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Alfa 147 No Starter Action?

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Just bought another 147, cheap and unseen.

Not a bad car. Turns out maybe too good to wreck.


Garage had the car left by the customer, so story goes. They don't fix Alfa.

They say the car ran but it wouldn't select gear and one of their mechanics started to look at it .

So no idea what he has done.


I was told it has "Selespeed problems" that was all .

I tested it and the pump stuffed /too much resistance and it blew a fuse.

Hooked up a new pump and the pump comes on with the key, so originally it may have only been a pump that needed replacing.


*However there is no starter action.

Haven't got the car in a position yet where i can get at the starter, garage in use.


I checked the ignition lock and the starter part of the switch is good but no action at the starter.


I found a plug undone under the battery area fuse fuse tray and there has been activity around the battery area.

Wondering if there is something unpluged?


*Does the starter solenoid wire join into a plug that could be left undone?

Where does this wiring end up and is there a relay or something at fault?


Any clues?


So far the mechanic hasn't got back to me to tell me what he did/disturbed.

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got under the car tonight cold 5' check the starter with hot wire it works.


What is the route of the wiring to the ignition key?

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