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  1. So it happened.. the drivers side exterior door handle snapped on my 147! I picked up a replacement from my local scrappy and tried to follow this guide, however, half way through I found that the guide was for a pre facelift whilst mine is a facelift: http://www.alfaworks...or_handle.shtml I managed to get the door card off and bring it to this point: http://imgur.com/SMOB3H8 However, I have no idea whatsoever how to actually take the existing door handle off and replace it with the new: http://imgur.com/2QI2ZtN Can anyone please advise me on what to do next? Currently unable to drive the car. Thanks!
  2. Thanks bud. I've had the upper wishbone replaced and made no difference at all, still both issues there. Shall I get just the wishbone ball joint replaced or the whole wishbone arm? Would it also be beneficial to get the front droplink on that side replaced while I'm at it?
  3. Hi all, I've got some issues with my front suspension on my Alfa 147 and hoping someone can help. First issue - when turning left or right, there is a grinding/rubbing sound coming from the front drivers side wheel area. When driving straight, there's no issues. Second issue - when going over speed bumps/potholes etc, there is a creaking sound coming from the front suspension area. This happens when the weather is dry and hot, when the cars warm but rarely ever hear it when it's raining outside. I've searched online and most places say that it could be the upper wish bone arms, lower wish bone arms, lower ball joints? I've actually got the car up for sale now so was wandering what I could do as a cheapest option? Could I lubricate the ball joints or something along those lines? Thanks in advance!
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