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  1. update: car has almost no power in 2nd gear when I'm driving uphill. I'm able to start the engine without pressing the accelerator only after hard drive or long ride (when its hot): engine idling (shaking a lot):
  2. update: replaced throttle body but nothing changed. when mechanics repaired the engine, the errors were: P0120, P1121, P1122, after they cleared them, i drove 500km and no lights, is it possible that throttle position sensor is faulty but im not getting errors anymore? and if so, where is throttle position sensor located on 2003 147 2.0 twin spark selespeed? checked throttle body area but couldnt find the sensor. thanks
  3. hey, I own 2003 Alfa romeo 147 2.0 t-spark Selespeed (50k km odo), have the car for 3.5 years and it was running perfectly without any engine issues. 2 weeks ago i broke timing belt doing 100-120km/h on highway.. all 16 valves were bent/broken + head cracked Engine has been repaired (head and valves were replaced with good used ones and all other parts with new), engine runs ok, i have done 400km after repair, but i have following issues: engine wont start without pressing the accelerator pedal, poor idle, bad fuel economy, loss of power i wanted to reset the throttle body and ecu but cant make the procedure, since i cant start engine without pressing the accelerator. any ideas what can cause the problem? thanks!
  4. Thanks for help guys! we tested the pump and it worked fine, the problem was as simple as just bad 30A fuse
  5. Hey Smaky, thanks for reply I changed pump motor brushes on my Selespeed with help of your guide and I'm running 1 year already without any problem! Thanks for it! Now we have problem with my friends 147 selespeed, pump motor brushes were worn out and we changed them 1 month ago, he drove 4k km without any problem and now the pump seems dead. tried to kick the pump but no success. I think something went wrong in the motor section again. Is it repairable for the second time? Or should i get another used pump?
  6. Hey flyblo5, thanks for reply! yeah, the pump isn't running at all, selespeed oil tank is full, when i open drivers door i only hear some weird noises from relay or something like trying to actuate pump but without success i cant see any leaks but i will double check them relay works well, tried 3 different ones The pump should work even if the accumulator is dead? I mean pump motor isnt running at all, can this be caused by dead accumulator or its pump/pump motor brushes itself? I checked with MES and no fault codes.., hydraulic circuit pressure is below zero, so the system has no pressure at all. clutch rod length 28.151. I tried to actuate the pump from MES but no success. Thank you again!
  7. Hey guys, We got problem with 2004 147 Selespeed, cant engage gears, city button not working, stuck in neutral. Selespeed pump brushes were worn out, we changed them 1 month ago and everything was fine but now it doesn't actuate at all, i checked hydraulic circuit pressure and its in negative numbers: "-1.434" or something like this. When selespeed accumulator dies, pump stops working as well? I have no idea, is something wrong with pump/accumulator or some sensors/wires?.. please give me some advices.. Thank you!
  8. Yep it was the pump, changed brushes and now it works fine! Here is a pic of old brushes, right one was too short and had bad contact Thanks Smaky!
  9. All done! Finally removed that bolt and changed brushes, everything works fine now! Thanks Smaky!
  10. Hey, I'm sorry for my NOOB questions, but stuck removing this bolt again, I'm holding big one and loosening small one, but no effect, tried a lot and only managed to damage bolt, it just doesn't comes out. Am i doing something wrong? is there any other way to remove the pump? Thanks!
  11. Hey Smaky, sorry for delay, was a bit busy with non car problems I took picture of relay, it looks like it doesn't sit properly, but i can't slide it any deeper in the holder. I checked wiring to the relay, it isn't severed, it looks ok. I swapped two 50A relays between, but still same problem, "pressure drops and I'm unable to change gears". New relay will arrive soon and i will try it after.
  12. Thanks for reply Smaky, I check fluid level regularly and it is ok atm. Few weeks ago i got cable and MES, and adjusted Clutch rod length from 28.686 to 28.056. But when i checked today, it was 27.7** so i will adjust it again to 28-28.5. so here is what i did today: Connected to MES and went to drive, Drove 25 minutes in manual mode w/o any problem. hydraulic circuit pressure was 44 - 55. When i changed to CITY mode, hydraulic circuit pressure dropped to 39-40, after few meters it dropped to N and couldn't change gears again. Checked Hydraulic circuit pressure and it was 29. I think on hot days it fails more often than usually. A tap mostly brings pump to life again, but I'm not sure if pump is faulty or the accumulator. Or it can be anything else causing this problem, what you think Smaky?
  13. Hey guys, I drive Alfa romeo 147 Selespeed, bought it in January 2015, thought it wont have any Selespeed problems, since it had only 29km done. Drove it 4 months w/o problems and then selespeed problem accurred. In the morning, when i want to go to work, first 20-30 minutes everything works fine, after I'm unable to select gears and on traffic lights drops to neutral and doesn't lets me to engage any gear. In my country there aren't any Selespeed specialists, so i have to solve it by myself. I'm not sure, is it pump problem or faulty sensors, relays etc? can you guys give me some advices from where to start? thanks!
  14. hey, first of all, thanks for this useful guide smaky! My Problem: I'm trying to remove the pump to change brushes. can you give me advice how to loose actuator pipe bolts? there are 2 bolts, i have to loose both at the same time or hold one and loose another? I'm scared, i don't want to damage something.
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