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  1. Its what you call a 'lift back'. It is like a hatch back I guess. It has 4 seats but like the GTV the rears are just token unless you are putting someone really small back there! The boot is really big, the economy is off the chain! Goes pretty well considering its only got 140 hp!
  2. Its not just tidy! Apart from a couple of stone chips on the bonnet it is mint (without exaggeration). The interior is showroom condition! I do love the way it looks and it drives lovely its just not an Alfa, you know what I mean
  3. According to the guides for a private sale I could ask for between 2200 and 2500 for my Celica but trade ins are always less. An unnamed car buying website has offered me 1400 for it. If SA can get there then its on!
  4. Im gonna pop up either tomorrow or Tuesday and discuss part ex
  5. 'snap' Thats the sound of my arm breaking as its twisted behind my back! Ok ok, I'll give Colin and John a tinkle and see if its still available. What day are you going up Smiffy? Oh and people....step away from the petrol cap! Thats proper JDM that is!
  6. I wonder if they would be willing to move on the price a little? I got some cash and really tidy Celica to trade! If not I would go for twinny but here arent that many around?
  7. The Q-system gear box decided one day that it really didnt like being connected to the engine via a driveshaft. I had no choice but to sell it to a scrap merchant as the cost of replacing all the broken bits would have eclipsed the GDP of a small country. It was particularly gutting as I had recently spent alot on it having had the cambelt, water pump, radiator, sparkplugs replaced and a load of other stuff done to repair the damage done by the previous owner. Turns out he had the mechanical skills of a fish as after the work was done and before the drive shaft failed it was properly rapid and smoother than ever. Would have broken it for parts but didnt have the time or space or expertise. Looking out for a GTV now so if you know of any local that are for sale and worth buying then let me know. I have seen the 3.0 at SA but its maybe just a little out of my budget right now.
  8. Cheers dude, been having a nose around. Looks good! Its definitely reigniting my desire to get behind the wheel of an Alfa once again. Miss my 6
  9. Hello, everyone! Some of you will already know me and some won't. I shall answer the interview questions as honestly as possible with no exaggeration or embellishment What's your AlfaDriver forum name: sixunderground Whereabouts in the world are you?: Warwick What are you driving these days?: Gen 7 Toyota Celica VVTi codename Gipsy How did you find AlfaDriver?: I have the honour of knowing Smiffy and a number of other Alfadriver members Describe your introduction to the Alfa Romeo brand: My first Alfa was a 99 146 2.0Ti. It was fantastic and if it came up for sale again I would buy it in a heart beat. It paved the way for approx 6 years of driving some truly awesome rides. Outside of Alfa Romeo, what are your interests?: Gaming, cars, music, Carrera slot car racing, anything Marvel, cinema, F1, cars, eating, cars and Lego! What do you do for a living?: Work for an independent energy supplier on the eChannel Tell us an interesting/crazy/unusual fact about yourself: I'm Batman What's your "special skill"?: I have the voice of an airline pilot so I can deliver really bad news in a very calm and professional manner. If money was no object, what four vehicles would be in your dream garage?: - Dream daily driver: Alfa Romeo 4C - Dream track car: Mclaren P1 - Dream all-rounder: Aston Martin Rapide - Wildcard entry: Toyota GT86 What are you personally hoping to get out of AlfaDriver?: Catch up with old friends and prepare myself for Alfa ownership once more. And finally, describe yourself in five words: Super massive geeky petrol head
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