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  1. C1504 Abs System Pressure

    Battery was OK but I put it on charge anyway. No change. 1276 is back but can be cleared. Steering angle re-done Brake on, turn to mar - no change (apparently this rules out the brake switch as an issue) Have not checked any other fuses or relays
  2. C1504 Abs System Pressure

    Thanks smaky. Battery is 12.5-6 engine off. But will recharge it tonight and advise
  3. C1504 Abs System Pressure

    Steering calibration done - no change. I am now unable to get the ABS pump to work via MES I have not checked the handbrake earth. I have changed the 60 amp abs fuse After the steering angle I have been able to clear the FATAL C1276 via MES but dash still gives go to dealer + beep (I'm sure this error will come back to MES soon enough) I have checked and cleaned the 3 wire connection to the pump motor and also reseated the ECU main connection.
  4. C1504 Abs System Pressure

    Fluid level is at 1mm under max. Could the auto sense level be an issue as we removed it from the reservoir during abs replacement and replaced. i.e. could one of the wires now be faulty?
  5. C1504 Abs System Pressure

    Smaky - searching google and I may have come across something from your past writings on another site The handbrake light is always on regardless of the handbrake position - should I look at the connections below the handbrake boot?
  6. C1504 Abs System Pressure

    Got a 'Go to dealer' message today... MES results C1266 - Pump Motor (Stored) - The ABS hydraulic pump motor or supply circuit is open or shorted... C1276 - ABS/ESP solenoid valve (FATAL) - The Main Relay or the associated circuitry has a defect. This relay is usually part of the hydraulic assembly and supplies the power to the solenoid valves and acts as a safety device. Check: 1) permanent (+ 30) and Key-On power supplies and ground circuits for opens, shorts or weak connections 2) the relay coils and the relay for proper functioning The fault is present now. Take appropriate action to fix this sensor fault. Dashboard warning light was activated for this fault. C1266 can be cleared, but C1276 cannot. The new pump sounds much better (and on par with my GTA's) than the old one. Could this be just as simple as a blown fuse? Can't find my new multi meter (but will keep searching) so not sure what battery voltage is , but indicator is green Any help very much appreciated edit - found multimeter - static voltage is 12.67 and 60 amp ABS fuse is intact
  7. C1504 Abs System Pressure

    Thanks for your help smaky
  8. C1504 Abs System Pressure

    All sorted. No more errors or poor sounding pump I'll keep a close watch over next few hundred k's but expect all to be ok Brake tests from 70k to stop were very good. No locking or sideways movement. Abs activated smooth and overall very good response
  9. C1504 Abs System Pressure

    Smaky -I've sourced a complete pump / ecu replacement unit Old one is out and new one about to go in, but we've lost the rubber locator from base of unit. I'm going to make up a new grommet to suit. Once the unit is in I intend to bleed as per my write up on changing the abs fluid when bleeding using mes. Is there anything else I need to do such as update the ecu with the new unit or similar? Thanks
  10. Melbourne F1 Gp 2013

    Well the GP was fantastic! The weather was a bit annoying at times but in the end it didn't spoil the race. We were 90m from the end of the main straight which was an excellent spot. Kimi drove a controlled race and for a while massa looked the goods. Spoilt brat was never going to get better than third.
  11. C1504 Abs System Pressure

    MES has no recorded faults. Car was fine again today. Smaky - thought a bit more about the caliper grabbing the other day. I painted the right front and right rear calipers when I did the fluid change. Everything was masked up properly to ensure none went on the pads or other mating surfaces however the last quick pray of clear coat I was a bit liberal and could've possibly got some on mating surfaces...
  12. C1504 Abs System Pressure

    No issue this morning and no (dash) error messages I'll put it onto MES tonight to see if there are any recorded ABS errors and report back
  13. C1504 Abs System Pressure

    Unplugged and could not replicate the issue - ill check again in the morning and advise
  14. C1504 Abs System Pressure

    Thanks will do - with the ignition off