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  1. Old topic resurrection, but a wee update. The Lexus is coming up for renewal, and it has been - by a galactic margin - the best car Paula has ever had.I still say its no sports saloon, however its strengths just become more apparent the more you live with it. What has gone wrong? Nothing......Nowt.......Nada....... Utterly Fuck All. one set of tyres, two services. Thats it............. An engineering masterpiece. What to replace it with is going to be a BIIIIG problem.
  2. Wanted to bring to your attention a very worthwhile cause spearheaded by a good mate of mine down in Dumfries. They set off tomorrow for their now annual jaunt round Scotland in 3 wheeled vehicles raising funds for the various sick childrens hospitals in Scotland. They are heading for a record breaking year, so (hoping I haven't broken any forum rules) wanted to bring it to the attention of the ADS masses.<p> http://www.3wheelscotland.org/index.php
  3. Now thanks to Franco (GTCoop on the other side) the front suspension is back on. Must remember to not be scared to be brutal.
  4. Alas utterly destroyed in the removal process . . . . . . .
  5. Thank you - again. I just can't seem to copy and paste on to this forum for some reason . . . . Anyway- the nylon outer is removed from the old bushes. Arms are the original ones. The ebay items are identical to others I bought from Alfa Service earlier
  6. New shocks, steering track rod ends and new suspension top strut mounts which are different to what came off. Probably explains it .
  7. I'm a lazy bastard and can't be bothered typing it all out again. See link www.alfa-pages.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=7201 This forum doesn't allow me to copy and paste text for some reason.....
  8. Sorry for delay in replying. Yes image is spot on thank you. Back together now although not properly aligned - one wheel straight one steering inwards!!! I assume this will correct once it is under load or do I need to fart about with the steering rod ends to align them? I put the replacements back in the same position as the ones that came out Thanks again for you help
  9. Looking for the clips that go on the underside to hold the brake pipes/fuel lines in place. Part number I was given was 60503819, and these have now been delisted with no alternative offered. Does anyone know a of an alternative, or ha some knocking around I could purchase?
  10. OK thanks Smaky - appreciate it. Looks as though I have done it correctly which is reassuring. Patience, tolerance and a gentle hand are going to be required to reassemble it would appear then . . . . .
  11. oops. Should have specified. Sud Sprint, but late one based on the 33 chassis
  12. Hi Folks Have a long-ongoing Sprint resto project, mine is a 1988 on F plate. Bought new front shock recently so obviously dismantled the front suspension. However getting it all aligned when putting it back together is proving a bit tricky. I know the spring pans are sided, but just can't seem to get it to sit correctly. From what I can work out, the end of the spring should sit at 90 degrees to the inside of the arm that the steering rods attach to. Equally the notches on the top suspension mounts should sit at 45 degrees pointing rearwards. A cherished advisor also told me that the shortest overhang of the bottom spring pan is the forward facing part. For the record - the Haynes manual is useless on this count as it says the usual 'reassembly is the opposite of dismantling' ......... Last night I reattached the struts then tried to fit up the bottom arms but the alignment is miles out. Do the suspension strut and arms need to be put together as one then married to the body? Anyway, there are a series of notches and cut outs in the various mounts that are self explanatory when putting things back together. However there is one notch on the top mounts that serves no purpose other than seemingly being an indicator. Can anyone give any helpful hints/tips
  13. I am going to upset te purists here. Had the money set aside to buy the paint for project Sprint - although fuck knows when it'll actually get painted. Anyway - Rosso Miro 167a it is going to be. Bumpers body colour. Or black?
  14. Long overdue update. After the turd that was the CLA, she tried a 320d M Sport for the weekend. It was OK.............. Nothing more though. In the end, she was able to go slightly left field - and non German - and chose a Lexus IS300h Luxury Nav, in Arctic White. She loves it to bits, as surprisingly do I, being supremely built and engineered, quiet, comfortable, well equipped and for Paula dirt cheap on tax. Averaging 40mpg from a 2.5 petrol is pretty good in my book. CVT takes a bit of getting used to, but for town and motorway it's absolutely fine, while there is a manual override for the twisty bits which works fine too. it's no track car by any stretch, but deeply, deeply impressive on many levels. Well worth a go IMHO
  15. Had a couple of sleeves made up from acetal at a wee local engineering workshop. Problem solved Apparently this is the stuff racing bushes are mde from so immensely strong and - more importantly - no corrosion.
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