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(From Uk) My Gents & Laddies, How Do We Do ?! :)

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Hello, Name is Sim. 19 years old and i rock the 159 jtdm 1.9. She's way out of my league I know, but she makes me look good :) Glad to be part of this Alfa awesomeness! :)


I have questions though, and i understand it is a very noobish thing to bombered you guys with questions on my introduction. So will you legends just direct me to where i can ask questions...insurance questions...cheap insurance questions...cause ehh the one that i have is a bit stiff :/ My brother advised me to join this forum as its very useful a lot in terms of getting help regarding my car and things related. So far im finding it really good, looking forward to getting to know some of you guys more as time goes on. Good day

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Welcome, Sim. Firstly congratulations on your choice of car! You don't say how much you are paying now, so it's hard to know if you can get better. You could try Tim at Prestige, type in the search box above. Also it depends if you are prepared to have a box fitted, they can significantly reduce prices for younger drivers.

Welcome to the forum! And who is your brother?

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