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    The roof liner is a single piece on the 147 and is held up using the sun visors, grab handles, A, B and C pillar trim which means fliping up the rear seat base to remove the kick plates in the doorways to unscrew and remove the lower B trim to unscrew and remove the upper B trim, the A trim is all firtree clips and the C and rear roof trim is screws and Firtrees, then the roof liner itself has some Firtrees, Also the screws above the interior lights and support in the center of the rear panel. Folding the seats forward will allow you to lower the roof liner down and twist it a bit to slide it out the boot. It takes about 30 mins to get it out when you know what your doing but for a first timer I would give it about 3 hours to remove it. and the aerial may run up either sides A pillar depending on which way the wind blew the day the car was built though most seem to run up the passengers side.
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