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Engine Transplant

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I have seen a 166 for sale at a low price (750 euros), but the engine is 'broken', though the seller does not say how (2 litre TS). 180,000km, black leather, grey paintwork. Looks reasonable for a car from 1999...


I've been trying to get my daughter in Spain to replace her Fiat Bravo with an Alfa. She likes fast cars, so a jump up to the 166 with 2 litre TS would be good. My question is: are there 2 litre engines out there for sale? I'm guessing there won't be any new ones, but are there any available, and how much would it cost to buy and fit one?


It's probably an uneconomical project; she could have a 166 recently completely serviced, 120k km, for well under 3 grand...prices in Spain are probably higher than in the UK.


Failing which, when her Fiat finally bites the dust (turbo already knackered, no power in it now), she'll just have to slum it in my old E38 750iL (she complains it sucks the petrol too much...)

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