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  1. Have the light on again,these codes come up... P1133 P1176 P1153 any ideas please
  2. Had my exhaust made ..love the sound now
  3. Ok i am opening Sunday the 22nd Feb if anybody wishes to pop along from 10am.....:-)
  4. Is this still on...hopefully will be a little warmer then
  5. Well the old shocks and springs are getting tired on my 156,whats the best option to upgrade...
  6. Fine with me....just so i have an idea
  7. is there a date set for this yet ?
  8. We are open Sundays for car clubs etc ...
  9. We dont open to the public on Sundays yet,but we do open for car club meets etc..so Sundays are just fine
  10. I have 4 16" alloys of my 156 with excellent tyres,wheels have been curbed ...open to offers
  11. Cafe is http://www.toofasttoofilling.co.uk/ We are in Andover,Hampshire
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