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  1. Welcome, Sim. Firstly congratulations on your choice of car! You don't say how much you are paying now, so it's hard to know if you can get better. You could try Tim at Prestige, type in the search box above. Also it depends if you are prepared to have a box fitted, they can significantly reduce prices for younger drivers. Welcome to the forum! And who is your brother?
  2. Welcome, Anthony! As you may have realised, flyblo5 has a similar Alfa to yourself! We're all nuts here, but in a good way.
  3. No worries. Not too far for you. Only £3.50, if you book in advance, just tick the car clubs box, put alfa book as the club and your own address.
  4. Next weekend, 14th June, near Stafford. Details are here https://www.facebook.com/events/1539390439633602/ and here http://italianmasters.eventpages.org/ If you are free, why not pop along?
  5. Sounds like you have a good selection, Jon! Welcome to here and make yourself at home!
  6. Sounds like you have a good selection, Jon! Welcome to here and make yourself at home!
  7. Welcome to here! We're harmless, mostly ...
  8. Welcome both of you! The banter is great. Just dive in - we don't bite!
  9. Welcome, Jim. I particular like the fact that you think your wife will read your comment about her ... because it means she has to join too!
  10. I agree, there is something about the Sportwagon! And doesn't it sound so much classier than "estate"?
  11. Hi Genca! Welcome to AD. We're all alfaholics here!
  12. Have you informed the police? If you post a link to it someone might be local enough to go and see it prior to "buying"? If there are any distinguishing features that would help?
  13. That's pathetic. I know they have serious crime stuff, but smaller crime leads to bigger crime. Fingers crossed for some CCTV. And I don't see why the garage should be asking for it. That's their bloody job.
  14. Sorry, we're obliged to attend a family do that weekend.
  15. I'd have an Alfasud Sprint. We had one years ago but it had to be sold before it fell completely apart. He bought a 33 after that, and he said the same, regretted getting rid of it. Used to see it driving around afterwards for quite some time. Obviously I'd have an 8C if I won the lottery.
  16. I just thought he was bragging ...
  17. 10th and 11th May - any takers? It's not far from me if anyone wants to camp here. It's a full weekend with a park up on Saturday and trackday on Sunday. And AROC's 50th anniversary. Details are here http://www.aroc-uk.com/news/2014/national-alfa-weekend
  18. AWwwwww. Cute. So you have priorities, huh. Welcome to AD, Ricardo! It's the price you have to pay for all that sun .... (pun intended)
  19. That's terrible. My friend's husband wrecked the alloy on his GT on a pothole. Tried to claim (cost about £1000 cos it did a bit of damage to the suspension too, took a big hole out of the wheel) but the council managed to get themselves out of it.
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