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  1. alfabhoy


    Hi everyone, This is just a quick note to let everybody know that Alfadriver is now on instagram . If you are not sure what instagram is, it is a photo sharing app that allows users to upload photo's or videos & share them with other instagram users it is a great way of promoting the forum as it is free & there are a lot of Alfa Romeo fans using it so if you are already using instagram don't forget to have a look at the AD page . We are under the name alfadriverforum so have a look & see what you think We have used a few photos already which have been posted on AD but would like to get a lot more photos on there which is where you, as AD members, come into it. If you don't mind us using a few photos which you may have taken & posted on the forum please let us know as we would like to use them on our instagram account also if you have any photos of your car or anything else Alfa Romeo then post it on the site & we will use it on our instagram account So far we have posted a few photos of cars that are no longer with their AD owners & photos which we have been given permission to use. If you would prefer us not to use your photos don't worry, we will only use photos we have been given permission to use so we don't get any copyright issues coming up Anyway, hopefully we can get some photos set up & if you already have an account on instagram dont forget to check out & include #alfadriverforum in your photos so we can promote the site further & if you don't have an instagram account it is well worth a look as there are thousands of users so there is something that will interest you from cars to pets & houses to holidays. If you are interested you'll find more information at: http://instagram.com/ To use instagram on your phone you will need to download the app free from your app store Please could you let us know if you would prefer us not to use your photos. Before we use them however, if we are unsure, you may get a PM from 1 of the staff just asking if it is ok or not Waseem
  2. The pics so far... It turns out that the "Alfa Romeo Specialist" had previously worked on the engine hadn't really done me any favours (one of the ex business partners still masquerades as an Area Rep for another forum, but I won't go into that again lol). It turns out that some of the brand new pulleys that I bought over the last few years aren't actually fitted to the engine, I ave no idea where they are now, perhaps once they are bolted to the block they automatically take on the appearance and patina of a knackered old pulley - some kind of nano technology no doubt... Also miraculously enough the engine that came out of Vinnie turns out not to match the vin plate numbers-wise... I can't be certain that I didn't buy it like that but makes one think
  3. Smaky can you PM me and let me know exactly what bits you need? Pics would be handy so I don't sound like an eejit when I ask for it to be taken off and stuck on a pallet lol The car's have their engines out of them (will post pics in a bit) and hopefully Vinnie will be getting a new heart transplanted next week The donor is staying at my mate's garage as he's gonna strip it down and label/box everything for me, recommend what bits to keep and what to sell - could do with your advice on that topic too Cheers! Waz
  4. Superb walkthrough Georgie That bit sounds a bit like my job though lol
  5. Hi folks, We lost an Area Representative today Tony156 PM'd me and asked me to remove his account. I didn't pry as to why he wanted to delete his account, I'm sure he has his reasons and it's really none of my business. If anyone would like to apply for the vacancy..... Bug Moki or Munky lol
  6. What kind of machine polisher did you get NB? I've had a hankering for one for a while, fancy the 3M one but not at the £300+ that it costs for a new one lol - haven't found one on fleabay yet either!
  7. alfabhoy


    no probs Morgan, I thought it was important to share the reasons behind the whole stickers issue, saves people from having to second guess and hopefully allays the negativity around the subject.
  8. Certainly not against any rules here, helping out other members is actively encouraged If you ever feel like writing a couple of tutorials with step-by-step pics for AD, feel free to do so - just saying like lol
  9. alfabhoy


    Hopefully I can put this issue to bed and answer the above in one go... I know the idea of selling car stickers has been around for a long long time, we even started taking pre-orders when we thought we had a reliable source previously. Unfortunately that fell through and thanks to the understanding and patience of those who did place pre-orders we've been able to take a "we'll get there eventually" stance. Sure this is a community based forum site, which I for one am very proud of. It has proven to be self policing, adult (in the non-smutty sense) centered, open and welcoming forum. The spirit of the community has held strong, if not flourished over the last few months, at times when none of the founder members (me, mokicat and munky) have been able to spend much time on-site. I sincerely hope, in fact I know, that there never has been even an incling of a "f**k you" attitude from any of us founder members. The efforts that members go to in order to promote the site and try to bring in new members doesn't go un-noticed and I'm certain that every member appreciates that effort. The absolute nuts and bolts of the sticker issue is finance. The very fact of the matter is that in reality this website loses money every month. If people don't believe that fact I'd be more than prepared to post a screen shot from the site's PayPal page showing how much money this site has ever raised. The reason that the site can afford to stay online is because Fiona (mokicat) and I pay for it to stay online. Unfortunately we are not in a position to bankroll the initial cost of the stickers. The reason that we're once again looking at stickers is that the site has raised enough money through donations and subscriptions that can now be put towards buying stickers. The bulk of the print cost will still have to paid by Fiona and I though. For instance, the tooling for the best quality profile cut stickers is around £100 per sticker design and to be blunt the donations raised don't even cover the cost of the tooling let alone buying any stickers. As the site owner Fiona doesn't want to put out any old sticker - she wants what this community needs, properly branded, good quality fade reistant stickers. We've had three lots of samples through the post and are awaiting one more company's sample before making a decision on which one(s) to order. This process isn't up for community discussion and or vote by committee, someone has to make the decision and it might as well be the person who owns the site and is paying the bulk of the cost. Hopefully over the next few months, and dare I say it years, we'll be attracting many more members, raising a lot more money through donations and subscriptions and get ourselves some proper marketing material. Sure we want to be able to provide area reps with leaflets, brochures, those wee gazebo thingys for shows etc, but that all costs money. Those within the community that feel the need to continually bump their gums and have a go about these things not happening quickly enough should maybe redirect some of that energy towards helping raise the coffers. Every single penny that has ever been raised by this forum's community has been put back into the forum and community - how many other sites can honestly say that? Waseem
  10. As per your request sir
  11. Hi and welcome Paul Great to have another alfisti on board, hope you find the place welcoming and friendly (if not give one of the mods a shout and they'll wield the ban-hammer lol). Nice car btw Waseem
  12. My guess is that the other sites you are referring to have their search function set up to search for ALL words, ours is set up to search for ANY words. That's not too bad an idea re the magnifying glass icon, I'll have a look at that and make it the same colour as the menu bar text
  13. No chance in this one I'm afraid... It's flash based and won't work on iOS devices leaving a huge black hole where the wall should be. I'm pretty sure there will be a non-flash alternative, in fact I'm sure I saw something similar written in JQuery but chances of us adding it are slim at the moment. We have too many other things to concentrate on in order to grow the membership over the coming months. Waseem
  14. I just tried a search for Fiat Coupe and the search function brought back all instances of the terms "Fiat" and "Coupe", to search for the exact term "Fiat Coupe" one would need to enter either of the following search terms (this is how Google search works by the way - it's called boolean search): "Fiat Coupe" (note the quote marks) or Fiat +Coupe (note the plus [+] sign) Hope this helps, Waseem ps.. iIf members are desperate for a google based site search facility we can of course add it, I'd rather not though as our site software will be more secure if we add fewer third party extensions to the core forum software. pps. It is possible to make the search bar ALWAYS visible but I have it set to hide when not needed so as not to clutter the page. Again if members would prefer that it was always visible let me know.
  15. A wee update.... I found a one owner car with 78k on the clock, some history and all the old MOT's on the bayofplenty.com I picked it up for £540 (delivered to Scotland from Merseyside) and it arrived at the door this morning. I topped up the fluids, gave the timing belt's condition a cursory peek and took it for a run. The engine sounds clean and quiet, no nasty whisps of smoke from the exhaust etc. I have no idea if/when the timing belt was last changed but that's not a big deal, it'll get changed when the engine and box come out to be transplanted into Vinnie. The bodywork's quite tatty but it all seems to be there, plus as a wee bonus the wheels on it are in better nick than Vinnie's with a decent set of tyres too I'm planning to take off what bits I can that might be useful when restoring Vinnie, anything I can stick in boxes and shove in the loft. What would people suggest keeping hold of for that "Alfa Rainy Day"? There will be stuff that I'll stick up on eBay, for instance the gearbox that's coming out of Vinnie (only done 81k and still in great nick), but if anyone needs any parts give me a shout. AD members get first dibs... You pay the postage and a wee donation of your choice to the site (pay what it's worth to you ) Let me know if or what you need
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